Clothed in Love & Justice

Thomas Lift is a socially conscious company creating inspired art, design, and soon clothing as a brand of love and justice.

Unfortunately, too much of the clothing produced in the world is made & marketed unethically. We at Thomas Lift believe there is a better way – where workers are treated with compassion and empowered and where pesticides and other harmful elements are removed from the garment making process.

Thomas Lift clothing will be designed beautifully and with meaning in each stitch. We continue to move forward in the development of Thomas Lift clothing as a brand of Love and Justice.

We realize there is nothing “normal” about how we are starting the Thomas Lift clothing. However, we know a compelling vision can create tremendous market opportunity. Some of the most successful companies began as an innovative vision.

Restoring hope through inspired art & clothing made with love and justice.

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Partner with us in doing good.

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