“It was such a great pleasure to feature the fine art of William Butler in the 7th Annual Evening of Arts & Entertainment in Los Angeles, CA. His work is both imaginative and challenging while it exudes beauty and depth. From the large scale pieces to the smaller artwork all were extraordinary in how they conveyed emotion and perceptiveness. We also loved working with William, Ronja and the team at Thomas Lift. They are a professional powerhouse who produce fine quality work. From their fine art to their live art presentations to their clothing line and commercial artwork, they have a strong vision for timeless and poignant communication.”

Michelle Pelsue
An Evening of Arts & Entertainment


When Bravo invited William Butler to create a live painting for the 2011 Bravo Gala, we knew he would be a point of interest, but we didn’t realize the profound impact he and his artwork would have on our event.  The Bravo Gala guests were amazed at William’s creation – and were thoroughly inspired by watching him throughout the evening.  William delivered beyond our expectations – and Gala guests are still asking for prints as a keepsake.  It truly was an honor to have William’s time and talent included in the Bravo Gala artist spotlight.  Thank you!

Kendra Daly
2011 Bravo Gala
Event Director


William Butler and his family are wonderful and welcoming people. His ministry here at Phoenix First Assembly was a tremendous blessing and inspiration to those who attended the service.  As we shared the direction of our sermons and worship songs; he prayerfully took to it to heart and based his art in the same direction.  His artistic worship complemented and deepened the sermon as well as the worship and prayer time.  His obedience to the Holy Spirit in using his gifting deeply touched the heart of those exposed to this ministry and added a powerful element as he allowed the Holy Spirit to guide him.  This is a ministry that will bless all Christian faiths. I highly recommend that you consider William Butler and Thomas Lift Ministries to minister in your church and/or outreach.


Luke Barnett
Pastor of Ministry Development
Phoenix First Assembly

 Some comments from the people who attended the services William Butler ministered are as follows:

“Impressive and heartfelt”

“I loved the way William Butler connected the message and engaged the listener”

“The art process was suspenseful and had an in depth element to the final piece”

“Amazing! The painting started with Calvary and ended with the lion of Judah—completely led by Holy Spirit”

William Butler inspires me! On May 7, 2010, over 450 dinner guests watched with rapt attention as his brushes and hands told a story while creating a breathtaking piece of art. He transformed the canvas multiple times over the course of an hour – beginning first with a collage of flags representing each of the 14 countries in which HOPE International operates, followed by a layering of various symbols, images, and words. All of this came together to form the backdrop for the final image of a lion that literally sent gasps throughout the audience when it was revealed. We are so grateful to William for inviting us to participate in this worshipful experience and I simply could not be any enthusiastic about the way he uses his God-given abilities.


Peter GreerPresident - Hope International


As the event coordinator for HOPE International, a Christ-centered microfinance organization, I am always looking for unique elements that we can include at our events to make them more meaningful for our attendees. So, I was thrilled when I found out that  William Butler was interested in painting a live piece at our  most recent benefit event.  He and his wife, Ronja, were wonderful to work with as we made plans for the event, and their humble, joyful, and prayerful spirits greatly impressed me.

William thoroughly familiarized himself with our organization’s mission and vision so that he could reflect the heartbeat of HOPE International in the artwork that was created at the event. The artwork was painted with multiple layers, each one representing a theme of our organization, and each one as intricate and beautiful as the next…

Our guests were literally brought to tears when the final piece was revealed, and many of them emailed me afterwards to ask if William could come back next year. We would be honored and delighted to partner with William and his family again in the future and I look forward to seeing how the Lord will continue to use this ministry to bless  many.


Lauren FischerSpecial Events Coordinator - Hope International



William Butler, a gifted artist who genuinely and passionately loves the Lord. William, along with his wonderful family, have been active participants in the life and ministry at Lutheran Church of Hope in West Des Moines for well over a decade. During that time, I have seen William’s faith grow tremendously, starting with the opening of his heart to God’s unconditional and inspiring grace, poured out for us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Responding to this life-changing grace, William has found alignment between the gifts God has blessed him with, and the call of God on his heart.

More specifically, William has developed a beautiful ministry in which he allows the Holy Spirit to lead him in prayer and painting during worship, as an expression of his faith. The visual impact of William’s work, which develops throughout the service and follows the theme of what is being proclaimed, adds a depth and breadth to the experience of God for so many, ultimately leading them to a more intimate experience of God during worship.

Put simply and bluntly, William is a top quality artist, even apart from this ministry. But painting for the sake of art would not satisfy William’s soul. He knows that this gift comes from God, and he seeks to glorify God and serve others with this gift. To put it another way, William’s heart is faithful, and he paints, humbly, for the right reasons.

I highly recommend William to you, and thank you for taking the time to read my letter of support for the good work he does for the sake of the Kingdom!

Grace & Peace,

Mike HousholderSenior Pastor, Lutheran Church of Hope - West Des Moines, IA



William, I just want to thank you and commend you for the extraordinary art and real ministry you provided to our fellowship. It was so moving to watch the Holy Spirit work through you to express visually what the Lord was doing in and among our people during that powerful service.  Through worship and the Word, your ministry helped us express the greatness love of our Lord for us and the hope that comes from living for Him.

To see our people, young and old, respond to your ministry with such ease and passion was touching.  It is not often that you find something that ministers so universally.  I am really looking forward to having you back.  Thanks for using your gifts to serve His people.

Jason MoorePastor of Worship and Creative Arts - Des Moines First Assembly



Steve & I wanted you to know how very, very blessed we felt to have you give us the gift of your inspiration and a tangible reminder of our wedding day & the love of God that surrounded us that day & always. Steve & I have begun remodeling our entire basement so your beautiful painting will shine as the centerpiece in our family room. Words cannot express the gift you gave to us by sharing your gifts with us on our wedding day. Much love & many blessings always.”

Mandy Matters


It goes without saying how beautiful and inspiring the art of William Butler is. Anyone who has seen a completed work, either in person or online could testify to that. But what sets William apart is the experience he is able to create in a live setting. William’s ability to transcend the immediate and draw his audience into the eternal is something rare and worth savoring. We would welcome him back to our congregation in a heartbeat.

But for me, what God speaks through William’s impromptu creativity takes a backseat to what He is speaking through the entire Butler family.

In William, Ronja, Carson, and Kaden, God is issuing a prophetic call to all of us. The call is to be not just hearers of His Word, but doers. The call is to follow wherever Christ may lead, no matter the circumstance and without excuse.

With that being said, I would issue a warning to anyone thinking of bringing William and his family in.

If you want to remain comfortable and complacent or if all you want is a trendy form of worship, go and find someone else. William is not the man for you.

But if you want to be swept up in the glorious love of God, if you want to be be moved to places you didn’t know existed, then by all means, you have found the family to help you and your church down that path.

Joshua GoodmanPastor - Two Rivers Church



God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Sometimes, we recognizes that and when we do, we call such people Angels. Bill and Ronja are some of those people that I know, they are God’s Angels. Because of their Talents and Gifts, God has used the Butler family to bless so many people in so many ways. The coolest thing that I respect most is how the Butlers remain humble about it. They always give God the Glory. Bill & Ronja, you are truly serving God by serving others. Thank you for being part of Cornerstone of Hope Orphanage 2nd Annual Gala Event. Through your work, you have helped light up the candle of HOPE for the children at the orphanage. What comes to mind is this quote from the Bible – “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good work and give glory to God”  God bless you and family.

Eric IdehenFounder/President - Cornerstone of Hope Orphanage


We are so blessed to be connected to Thomas Lift and our amazing friends William and Ronja Butler. Our non-profit organization is located in Phoenix, AZ, yet God divinely connected us to this ministry who shares our heart for broken souls. We thank God for choosing Thomas Lift to design the artwork for a cause that is so very dear to us.

In the fall of 2009, William designed the logo and artwork for Standing in the Gap Foundation, a charity for at-risk youth. We were very pleased with the designs and professionalism, but more so with the spirit and heart of their ministry. Everything they do is bathed in prayer, worship, and led by the Holy Spirit. This is not only evident in the artwork, but in the personal communications with Thomas Lift. Working with William and Ronja was a true pleasure from start to finish.

After designing the artwork for our foundation, Thomas Lift joined us for a Live Art Experience in Phoenix, AZ. The service consisted of at-risk youth that were bussed in from blighted neighborhoods in the Phoenix area. The service included street dance, rap, praise and worship music, and a skit performed by the youth. The experience was more than we had anticipated, as William was able to capture each part of the service in the painting. The experience touched our youth and leaders tremendously, and has served as hallmark day for our ministry in many ways.

Without hesitation, we recommend Thomas Lift to anyone who is interested in partnering with an organization that is done with excellence and led by the Holy Sprit. We look forward to many more partnerships with Thomas Lift in the future!

Nathan Pierce & Carissa Stiefel – Standing in the Gap Foundation



William is not only an extremely talented artist, but a man who faithfully loves Jesus Christ and uses his gifts for God’s glory. Thank you for the opportunity to air a live painting demonstration by William on International Christian Family Network and for his interview on New Generation.

Our family has been so blessed by William’s paintings, not only because of the beauty of it, but because of the depth and meaning placed as its foundation. It was a remarkable experience to watch the process put into the painting – submission, prayer, guidance, and love.

Many people who watched the live show on Friday, February 12, were greatly moved and blessed by the painting and the service. During this live show, the “Unshakeable” painting was presented. Every time we look at “Unshakeable”, we are definitely humbled and moved by Jesus’ love for us. The title of this painting reminds us of the verse that comes along with it: “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” (Hebrews 11:1).

You are such a sincere, faithful, and God-fearing family and we thank the Lord for bringing all of us together. May you continue to walk together in His light and glory as God shines His favor and eternal love upon you and many whose lives you will continually bless.

One in Christ,

Vahe, Hilda, Natalia, Elena & Carolina Maranian – International Christian Family Network, Inc.



I have seen William’s work in the past and knew of his talents and the high caliber of his artwork.

What I didn’t know was the high integrity of his character.

I contacted William a few months before we were going to launch a major sermon series. I pitched the idea of a painting that would parallel the sermon series. The words that then proceeded out of his mouth almost floored me – “I need to commit this to prayer.” At that moment, I knew I had made the right phone call.

After a few more conversations and meetings, we made a plan. William was extremely conscientious about following the plan and keeping the project within budget. In other words, there were no surprises, only blessings. His visual interpretation of the message series is out of this world, which I think would circle back to the “I need to commit this to prayer.” I must say, there is something more than talent in the paintings; God truly is at work.

Karen KennedyDirector of Publicity & Promotion - Gloria Dei Lutheran Church


The blessings that Amanda the Panda has received leave me awestruck and humble.  William, I believe you said it best at the auction, “God is good!”

I am writing this note in hopes you may use it or any portion of it, to share the amazing things you have done for Amanda the Panda with other perspective clients.  You both are such a delight.  It is always a pleasure to work with such giving and talented people.

Last year, we first collaborated on a new visual identity for Amanda the Panda.  As we discussed, our organization is recognized by the community, and we have had a strong reputation for the past 29 years.  However, “A Bear With a Heart” tag line and the cartoonish panda bear did not visually communicate what we really do or provide.  William, you spent time thinking and praying about what we needed and then created the perfect identity!  I still remember the day I opened the files; you took my breath away.

Then, in July of 2009, I asked if you would bless Amanda the Panda by creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art that visually depicted hope and healing to be donated for our auction fundraiser on October 24, 2009.  Not only did you say yes – you both joined us for the event to share your inspiration and motivation that compelled you to paint “HOPE”.  Numerous guests took the time to visit with me about you and your work.  In fact, I have already had a couple requests to see if you will come back and paint live during the auction!

Thank you so very much!  Please share my name and contact information as a reference.  Working with you was one of the best decisions I made here at Amanda the Panda!


Charlie KieslingExecutive Director - Amanda the Panda

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