Centerville Legacy Courts Design for DJ Wagner – The Meaning of William’s Design

Centerville Legacy Courts Design for DJ Wagner – The Meaning of William’s Design

The following is information in regard to the design William created for the Centerville Legacy Courts for DJ Wagner and his family:

The word Camden is prominent and strong just like the people of Camden (and specifically Centerville). The word Camden is in bright sky blue, DJ’s favorite color.

The word Centerville (which is important to DJ) represents the geographic neighborhood within Camden where DJ was born and raised. The word Centerville is prominent and written twice so this design is welcoming to the community (letters facing them) either way as they enter the basketball courts.

Purple and gold are the colors for Camden High. Black, gold, and white are the colors for Centerville.

The words City Invincible speak to the strength, perseverance, and fortitude of those in Camden.

CVP (which is important to DJ) is written in the center court of each basketball court.

The words 2K Foundations is strong and the colors (white and gold) are the colors for Camden High and Centerville (both are important to DJ).

William intentionally created this design with three variations of blue as this color is DJ’s favorite color, and also blue has deep meaning.

Light blue depicts strength, trust, and hope.

Medium blue represents teamwork, unity, mentorship, and community.

Dark blue means loyalty and wisdom.

White expresses peace and innovation.

Gold shines energy, optimism, and intellect and is a warm and welcoming color.

Purple means creativity, wisdom, and royalty.

William designed and branded these courts (Centerville Legacy Courts) to honor not only DJ and the Wagner family (three generations of acclaimed basketball athletes), but also the countless others who have excelled on these very courts and in this community. William also included meaningful elements into the design specifically for DJ and his family.