William is an established, nationally known artist who creates beautiful and inspirational commissioned, live, and studio works of art. His paintings have been exhibited and purchased from coast to coast. William brings more than twenty years of experience as an artist and a graphic designer to each painting. Thomas Lift is a socially conscious company creating inspired and beautiful art and design as a brand of love and justice. Our passion for creating commissioned, live, and studio art as well as design is to creatively engage and empower people for the purpose of bringing to light the cry of the oppressed while expressing hope and love through beautiful works of art.
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Welcome to the William Butler Collector’s Program.

By purchasing three or more original works of art by William Butler, you are enrolled as a Collector.

As a Collector, you are able to experience a preview of William’s new paintings prior to public exhibits. You also receive special Collector’s pricing on William’s art including exclusive offers on pre-sales of William’s new art.

We are honored you have chosen William Butler’s art for your collection, and we truly thank you for your support.

If you have any questions in regard to the William Butler Collector’s Program, please CONTACT us via email or phone.