William’s commissioned art is a unique and inspiring experience focusing on a creation process that uniquely connects you to the finished artwork.

William’s commissioned art is a personalized process from start to finish. After William discusses the specifics of your desires for the commissioned painting with you, he then conceptualizes, designs, and creates each work of art expressing the unique and important purpose of your commissioned painting. Each painting is customized to reflect the size, scale, and theme best-suited for the space where the art will be installed.

William creates a commissioned painting distinctive to the individual or entity for whom it is created. He has created commissioned art for numerous private individuals and entities as well as many non-profit, corporate, health, governmental, and academic institutions. William brings more than thirty years of experience as an artist and a graphic designer to each painting.

William’s commissioned paintings are a beautiful and inspiring addition to any home, business, and public space.

Please contact us in regard to William creating a commissioned painting for you. We look forward to working with you. – CONTACT