Firepower for Freedom – Making of Photos and Meaning

Firepower for Freedom – Making of Photos and Meaning

We are truly thankful as William was commissioned to create a special painting for the Battleship New Jersey (BB-62). Please enjoy some of the making of photos of William’s painting, Firepower for Freedom (36” x 48” – acrylic on canvas – framed with original USS New Jersey 1943 teak deck boards). Also, enjoy reading the meaning of Firepower for Freedom:

Firepower for Freedom was created in multiple layers to exemplify past and present Naval honors and commendations. Each layer of this painting reveals a powerful declaration of the invincible character and fortitude embodied in all who served on the Battleship New Jersey. Firepower for Freedom celebrates the Battleship New Jersey’s historical and important past as well as its significance for educating and inspiring all peoples now and in the future.

The first layer of Firepower for Freedom is inscribed with BB-62, which is a typographic identification of the Battleship New Jersey. The BB-62 is the most decorated battleship in Navy history, earning distinction in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, and conflicts in the Middle East.

The second layer of Firepower for Freedom displays 43 powerful illustrations created by William which were painted monochromatically. These detailed illustrations celebrate the Battleship New Jersey’s iconic and historic service and accomplishments. William created 43 of these illustrations to commemorate the year, 1943, when the Battleship New Jersey was commissioned into service. These powerful illustrations depict Admiral William “Bull” Halsey, the BB-62’s four commissioning badges, 19 battle stars, naval commendations, service medals, and many other details specific to the Battleship New Jersey and its heroic crew.

The third and final layer of Firepower for Freedom reveals the impressive, awe-inspiring, and iconic Battleship New Jersey with its 16” guns raised. The BB-62 is depicted in this layer with a strong diagonal visual dynamic which denotes the power and importance of the Battleship New Jersey.

The overall composition of Firepower for Freedom is saturated with vibrant and also translucent layers of color which are meaningful to the Battleship New Jersey. Navy blue and gold colors represent the Navy, and the color of white symbolizes the heroic Navy service members – both past and present. The color hues of light blue and buff gold reflect the state colors of New Jersey, and the colors of light blue and white represent the colors of Camden, NJ, where the Battleship New Jersey resides. The background colors of warm yellow blending to bright crimson depict a sunrise, which represents the Battleship New Jersey’s vibrant legacy as well as a promising future.

The finished composition of Firepower for Freedom is a dynamic multi-layered mosaic of vivid color, illustration, line, and pattern. All of these detailed and inspiring layers represent the historic significance of the Battleship New Jersey and the heroic people who have served on the BB-62.