William Butler’s First-Ever Official NFT Digital Art

We are excited to share with you William’s first-ever official NFT digital art, the Revelation Love NFT series (which is based on William’s powerful 2D artwork series entitled Revelation Love). Each of William’s Revelation Love NFTs is original, official, and one-of-a-kind. Please know each artwork is available for purchase (and for a limited time). 

You are invited to visit our NFT Digital Art marketplace page on OpenSea.

To experience and purchase William’s powerful Revelation Love NFT digital artwork,

Please view: opensea.io/collection/revelation-love

Please expand each Revelation Love NFT to fullscreen to experience the fullness of the colors and movement. Enjoy!


Revelation Love NFTs:

The Revelation Love NFTs are a powerful new series of digitally reimagined compositions inspired from William’s original series of paintings, Revelation Love, which depict love, strength, hope, and beauty. These paintings are composed of multiple layers of texture and color which reveal both typographic (LOVE) and figurative (Lion) imagery reflecting the everlasting revelatory love of God for each of us.

Vibrant colors, rich textures, semi-translucent image layers, and contrasting surfaces express a simultaneous tension and harmony between the visual relationships found in each work of art. Immersing the word LOVE with the face of a Lion is an endearing expression of God’s great love, power, and protection which triumphs over challenges in the world and brings Hope to all.

Love triumphs over all!  – Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. 1 John 4:11

We sincerely thank you for your time, consideration, and support.


We hope the following information is helpful to you:

NFT is the abbreviation for non-fungible token (non = not, fungible = interchangeable, token = voucher). NFTs are distinct, easily verifiable digital assets with blockchain-managed ownership (which means the digital asset has a unique identity recorded in a database). An example of an NFT is digital art. To learn more about NFTs, please view (OpenSea is the first and largest marketplace for NFTs.): opensea.io/How-do-I-buy-NFTs