Pilgrimage – William’s New Series of Paintings

Pilgrimage – William’s New Series of Paintings

Pilgrimage – A Journey of Hope 

Pilgrimage is a series of 15 paintings which depict multi-layered, colorful expressions of light and peace experienced in creation. Vibrant hues, intricate patterns, and translucent color fields abound throughout the entire surface of each painting. 

Each painting was created through a very meticulous layering process which combines up to 15 layers of transparent, semi transparent, and opaque acrylic color. This process required great attention, patience, and trust, as when each color and layer was added, it had the potential to either enhance or to ruin the artwork. This unique and detailed process created beautiful shapes and patterns which truly intrigued me as an artist. I desired to create one of a kind artwork filled with concentrated textures which complement the soft and peaceful flow of vibrant color fields throughout the surface of each painting.

This process of creating these paintings was a pilgrimage for me as I stepped into the unknown as an artist. I had to learn more skills, be more patient, and trust more.

This journey in creating this artwork is similar to our journeys in life. We do not always know what is ahead of us. Yet with each step, even in the unknown, we have the opportunity to find hope and faith and to trust more deeply.

As you gaze at the vibrant colors and patterns of each painting, my hope is you are strengthened and experience great peace. – William Butler


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