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$7,000 – 48″x 48″ Acrylic on TerraMax Artist Panel – Framed


Geometric Abstract Paintings by William Butler

– A visual metaphor of personal & collective journeys

Each person has a unique life journey on this earth. Each individual path intertwines and intersects with many others creating vast collective experiences that shape and define each of us. The Ascension exhibit conveys a sense of illuminated movement through the geometric emergence of ascending color, value, line, shape, pattern, and scale.

Ascension is a visual expression of the contrasting steps which shape and guide our life journey. As people, an inner desire exists to live fuller, richer lives where we are steadily climbing higher in our understanding, faith, and peace. However, as we live in a fallen world, the tragedies happen, the struggles exist, and the hurts are real. At these times, we feel as if we are descending, as if we cannot view or reach the next step up.  At times, it is the step down (valley) experiences where we receive the wisdom, healing, and redemption needed to help us gracefully ascend even higher and steadier in the next stage of our lives.

Ascension is a collection of 10 large format, layered, multi-dimensional, geometric abstract paintings. Vibrant colors, rich textures, and fluid as well as contrasting lines throughout the Ascension paintings reveal the varied array of the steps in our lives.

– William Butler