William & Ronja look forward to collaborating with you in creating beautiful and inspiring public art.

Each public art project is planned, designed, and created to express the unique and important communities, entities, and purposes for the public art. This public art is customized to reflect the size, scale, and theme best-suited for the community and location where the art will be installed.

We live and work in Camden, NJ, so we experience first-hand the benefits public art brings to the communities and youth & families living here. Our goal for the public art we create is to bring unity, excitement, and lasting transformation to the communities and people experiencing the art.

We are professionals of leadership and integrity, and we are honored to have created public art with many non-profit, government, and educational entities. William brings more than twenty years of experience as an artist and a graphic designer to each project.

Please contact us in regard to creating public art for you. We look forward to working with you. – CONTACT