William’s Basketball Courts Mural Design for DJ Wagner & His Family – Camden, NJ

William’s Basketball Courts Mural Design for DJ Wagner & His Family – Camden, NJ

We are sincerely honored William was commissioned to create an important design for the Legacy Centerville Courts for DJ Wagner and his family which was unveiled at the DJ Wagner Community Celebration Day on Oct. 1, 2023, at Elijah Perry Park in the Centerville community at South 9th Street and Ferry Avenue in Camden, NJ.

All of this came together due to many incredible people and entities which include: DJ Wagner, Syreeta Brittingham (DJ’s wonderful mom), DJ’s family, 2K Foundations, Mayor Victor Carstarphen and his team, Gavin Smith and his team at NRG (madewithnrg.com), Trevor Weigs and his painting team at (weigsworld), and Erik James Montgomery at (ejmfoundation.org). We were honored to work with all of these fabulous people/entities!

DJ Wagner is a tremendous basketball player who has earned many awards and accomplishments such as McDonald’s All-American Game MVP for 2023. Yet his heart, humility, and generosity is even more tremendous. DJ was born and raised in Camden and attended Camden High School, and his desire is to give back to the city he loves. William and I are sincerely grateful for Syreeta’s (DJ’s mom) and DJ’s amazing and generous hearts helping to bring lasting transformation to youth and families in Centerville and throughout Camden!

DJ’s desire is for the community to see these fantastic refurbished basketball courts as their own beautiful space. DJ spent countless hours himself shooting baskets on these courts as a youth and young man in Camden. These courts are also where DJ’s father as well as Mayor Victor Carstarphen and thousands of other Camden residents have played basketball throughout the years. William, working with DJ and Syreeta, designed these important courts to be bright, beautiful, and meaningful to them as well as to all in the community.

Please enjoy photos of the Centerville Legacy Courts in Camden. Many of these photos are from the DJ Wagner Community Painting Day on Sept. 9, 2023, where those in the community were invited to help paint the courts and to celebrate the beautification of Centerville in Camden.

William also volunteered his time and talents to create a mural design for the pump house which sits adjacent to the basketball courts. We hope you enjoy viewing these designs. What a thrill it is to help bring restoration to these basketball courts used by so many in the community bringing hope and inspiration to the youth and families of this community in our city of Camden!