Willliam’s Recent Live Art for the 50 State Governors at the 2016 National Governor’s Association Meeting

We are incredibly honored to have partnered with the National Governor’s Association (NGA). William recently painted live for the 50 State Governors, their spouses, and dignitaries at the 2016 NGA Summer Meeting in Des Moines, IA. 

William was commissioned to creatively express the abundant & beautiful heartland. We hope you enjoy the live art and the finished painting entitled Abundant Life (48″ X 48″ acrylic on canvas).

Recent Live Art With Precious Camden Youth

We were honored to partner with the Cooper Learning Center as volunteers to lead an art talk and interactive art project with their Camden students enrolled in their successful summer reading program. 

We hope you enjoy the photos of the interactive art and the finished painting.  We are blessed to be able to work with the precious youth of Camden.
Special thanks to the wonderful Dr. Richard Selznick, Pamela Goldberger, and all their team.

Miracles at the Kirk Franklin Concert in Camden

A few weeks ago, we were blessed to attend the Kirk Franklin concert in Wiggins Park in Camden, NJ. Thanks to county and city funds, this was a free concert attended by thousands of people from the city of Camden. 
In the middle of Kirk’s performance, as a surprise to all, Kirk ventured into the the audience to greet and share the Love. On his way back to the stage, he stopped to stand up on a folding chair directly in front of William. William took his hand to support Kirk, and he looked at William and then would not let go of his hand even as he returned to the stage. Kirk invited William to join him on stage. What an honor for William!
The timing of this concert was just after the devastating shootings in our nation which tragically led to racial turbulence. On stage, God showed up in a big way bringing love, peace, forgiveness, and restoration! Love unites us all!

Please view the following video:

We are blessed to live and work in Camden. To God be the Glory!

Special thanks to the tremendous Mayor Dana Redd and team for leading the concert and for the wonderful seats. 

Recent Commissioned Painting – Journey

We hope you enjoy the above commissioned painting William recently created. This painting is entitled Journey.
William was honored to have created this painting for Michael and Lindsey Klein and for this painting to now be installed in their lovely home. Special thanks to the Kleins and to the Katz JCC – Cherry Hill, NJ.

We are sincerely grateful to each person and organization who has commissioned William to create a custom work of art. We are thrilled to partner with incredible organizations and individuals with William’s live, commissioned, and studio art.

Introducing… Studio Eleven One! We Are Moved In!

We have moved into our new space! Studio Eleven One (William’s working studio) is located directly behind our former space in the firehouse.
We are excited about this transition and are open by appointment. We will have open studio events beginning in the fall as well and we look forward to welcoming you to Studio Eleven One. 

We continue to enjoy living and working in Camden. We love our city, and our support and work to help those in Camden and to promote the creative arts will continue.
As a reminder, please know we will not be participating as a venue in Camden’s 3rd Thursday Art Crawl.
To view all the participating venues on Thursday, July 21st, clickArt Crawl

Camden’s 3rd Thursday Art Crawl – Thursday, July 21st

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Recent Articles on William’s Art, Studio & Camden

We were honored to be included in an article on the Camden art scene. Although some changes are occurring in the city, our hope and desire is the arts will continue to thrive in Camden.
Our city has many incredible and talented people. Thank you for continuing to support the arts and businesses in Camden.
Also, we were honored to be included in an article on the new Camden Fireworks (a beautiful new arts building - in South Camden and how the tremendous Father Michael Doyle attended the official opening reception and exhibit. We are so thankful to God that Father Doyle is recovering well from cancer, and we were incredibly honored to have time with him that evening. To have that moment captured via this photograph was such a gift to us:–.html
Special thanks to the fabulous Kevin Riordan, Philadelphia Inquirer Columnist, who has uplifted Camden with his writing and heart for so many years, and to the talented Aaron Ricketts, Inquirer Photographer.
In addition, we were honored William was featured in Simply Good Magazine. This article highlighted William’s live art experience at the incredible Blessman Ministries Gala. We invite you to view this article and the inspiring magazine overall:
Special thanks to the talented Becky Johnston and her team at Simply Good Magazine. 

Willliam’s Recent Live Commissioned Paintings for Corporations & Foundations in AZ, FL & TX

We hope you enjoy the above live commissioned paintings William created for corporations and foundations in AZ, FL & TX in the past two months. We were honored to partner with these organizations with William’s art and talents and for these finished paintings to now be installed in their corporate offices and public spaces.
We are grateful to each person and organization who has commissioned William to create a custom work of art. We are thrilled to partner with incredible organizations and individuals with William’s live, commissioned, and studio art.
We are thankful for the support and for being connected to wonderful communities in and near Camden and throughout the nation. We enjoy promoting and supporting the creative arts which we believe are vital to us all.

Art Exhibits & Live Music – Camden’s 3rd Thursday Art Crawl – Thurs, June 16th

Camden’s 3rd Thursday Art Crawl - Special Events for Thursday, June 16th, 4-9pm

Experience Camden’s creative arts community located in the historic & beautiful Cooper-Grant Neighborhood & University/Downtown District near the Camden Waterfront every 3rd Thursday of the month.

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Recent Volunteer Work in the Arts in Camden & Throughout the Region

We are honored as William was selected as the juror for the Congressional Art Competition for New Jersey’s First Congressional District by Congressman Donald Norcross. It was a joy for William to view and select the art of so many talented student artists in Camden and throughout the district.

Special thanks to Karl Parker, the District Director & Communications Director for Congressman Donald Norcross. For more information, please
Also, William was selected as a co-juror for the Art Blooms Juried Arts Exhibit at the Croft Farm Art Center in Cherry Hill, NJ. He enjoyed viewing and selecting the art of so many incredibly talented artists throughout Cherry Hill and the region.
Special thanks to Ericha Farrington, Special Events Coordinator at Cherry Hill Township, and Marcy Golub, Cherry Hill Township Arts Board Member.
In addition, we were honored to help promote Camden to the Urban Land Institute as volunteers. Cooper’s Ferry Partnership helped organize a city-wide tour of Camden for the National Urban Land Institute Meeting in Philadelphia. 50 real estate developers, investors, and professionals from around the country did a bus/walking tour of Camden, learning about ongoing development and investment opportunities.
William’s art was exhibited in the Camden ArtBox for the tour, and we enjoyed speaking to the group and promoting the creative arts in our city as well as Camden overall. We hope you enjoy the photos above. 
Special thanks to Sha Rana, Enrique Rivera, and Tori Gilbert of Cooper’s Ferry Partnership.
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