11 Cooper’s Recent Grand Opening and Art Unveiling Celebration
William is an established, nationally known artist who creates beautiful and inspirational commissioned, live, and studio works of art. His paintings have been exhibited and purchased from coast to coast. William brings more than twenty years of experience as an artist and a graphic designer to each painting. Thomas Lift is a socially conscious company creating inspired and beautiful art and design as a brand of love and justice. Our passion for creating commissioned, live, and studio art as well as design is to creatively engage and empower people for the purpose of bringing to light the cry of the oppressed while expressing hope and love through beautiful works of art.
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11 Cooper’s Recent Grand Opening and Art Unveiling Celebration

11 Cooper’s Recent Grand Opening and Art Unveiling Celebration

11 Cooper had its grand opening celebration on Monday, June 24th. This was also when all ofthe art was unveiled to everyone for the first time.We hope you enjoy these photos.  

Please view the following great article on the opening which also mentions William’s art with a photo:https://www.courierpostonline.com/story/news/local/south-jersey/2019/06/24/new-apartments-open-camden-waterfront-first-since-2003-11-cooper-affordable-housing-rentals/1548041001/ 

Special thanks to Phaedra Trethan for her excellence in writing and for her commitment to Camden.

 Also, special thanks to Sandra Turner-Barnes who spoke at the 11 Cooper opening. Sandra is an accomplished poet, author, and leader in the arts in Camden, and she represented and spoke so eloquently about all of the artists featured in the art curation installation at 11 Cooper as well as the arts in Camden overall. She also read aloud her powerful poem, My City, My Camden. The link above also features Phaedra’s wonderful video of Sandra reading her uplifting poem in its entirety. This same poem is featured in the art William created for 11 Cooper (shown in the section above).   

Thanks again to the talented Avi Steinhardt for the photographs above.