Camden Beautification Project

Camden Beautification Project

The talented and generous Erik James Montgomery kicked off A New View Camden “Camden is Bright Not Blight,” a project to beautify and restore Camden’s environment through art. As part of this project, posters of Camden residents will cover windows and doors of homes which have been boarded-up in areas challenged by illegal dumping. 

We are sincerely humbled William was selected to be included with Erik’s art. Erik photographed him at the studio, and William was able to select the words “Camden is Creative”.

Please view the following great videos/articles on Erik’s project which also have photographs of the poster with William’s photo:

We are honored as Camden has many creative and talented people, and our hope and desire is the arts will continue to thrive in Camden. Thank you for supporting the arts and businesses in Camden.

Special thanks to Erik James Montgomery and Vedra Chandler (who promote Camden so wonderfully). Also, special thanks to Kelsey Fabian from PHL17 and Steven Rodas from Tap Into Camden.