Celebrating 12 Years of Living, Working, and Serving in Camden, NJ

Celebrating 12 Years of Living, Working, and Serving in Camden, NJ

We are thrilled to share with you we are celebrating 12 years of living, working, and serving in Camden! In the celebrations for our city and even in the struggles, we are blessed to call Camden home (along with the beautiful people of our city)!

We love our city, and we are blessed to be a part (even a small part) of Camden’s transformation. We are all celebrating Camden’s rising as well as being the City Invincible. However, we all know too we have more work to do reaching every youth and family in Camden with love, opportunity, and hope. We believe God has mighty plans for each person. Each precious life in Camden is important, and we pray God’s peace, protection, wisdom, and provision over each person here!

As we reflect on these past 12 years, we are filled with thanksgiving. We are truly grateful to God as He loves, guides, and sustains us. Also, we are thankful for each of you. Without your love, support, and prayers, we would not be celebrating 12 years in Camden. We sincerely appreciate your love and friendship and your support of our small business in Camden including William’s commissioned art, studio art, live art, digital art, and design.

We are certainly thankful for the incredible people and entities doing great work to help all those in the city, and we are especially grateful to the many who have worked effectively and tirelessly for decades lifting all those in the city. We thank you for your continued prayers for Camden. It is an honor to co-labor with you all.

For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building – 1 Corinthians 3:9

Update on Carson and Kaden:

Carson and Kaden are enjoying their lives and careers in West Virginia and Iowa. We look forward to “seeing” them often online! We miss having them close to us geographically. Yet we are thrilled for them, and we are excited for all God has for them now and in the future! Recently, we were able to spend time with both Carson and Kaden which was a true blessing! They are the best gifts God gave to William and me!