Celebrating 8 Years of Living, Working & Serving in Camden, NJ!
William is an established, nationally known artist who creates beautiful and inspirational commissioned, live, and studio works of art. His paintings have been exhibited and purchased from coast to coast. William brings more than twenty years of experience as an artist and a graphic designer to each painting. Thomas Lift is a socially conscious company creating inspired and beautiful art and design as a brand of love and justice. Our passion for creating commissioned, live, and studio art as well as design is to creatively engage and empower people for the purpose of bringing to light the cry of the oppressed while expressing hope and love through beautiful works of art.
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Celebrating 8 Years of Living, Working & Serving in Camden, NJ!

Celebrating 8 Years of Living, Working & Serving in Camden, NJ!

We are thrilled to share with you we are celebrating eight years of living, working, and serving in Camden! It is amazing to us how quickly this time has gone. Yet we know it has been this many years when we look at Carson and Kaden who are both one to two inches taller than William now.   

Carson and Kaden just completed their first year at college; we are blessed to be the parents of these great young men. This summer, Carson is enjoying his paid internship at Appomattox Court House National Historical Park in VA, and Kaden is enjoying his full-time work at Cooper University Health Care in Camden.  

We love our city, and we are blessed to be a part (even a small part) of Camden’s transformation. We are especially thankful for the incredible people and organizations doing great work to help all those in the city. We are all celebrating Camden’s rising as well as being the  City Invincible. However, we all know too we have more work to do reaching every youth and family in Camden with love, opportunity, and hope. We believe God has mighty plans for each person. 

As we reflect on these past eight years, we are filled with thanksgiving. We are truly thankful to God as He loves, guides, and sustains us. Also, we are thankful for each of you. Without your love, support, and prayers, we would not be celebrating this many years in Camden. We sincerely appreciate your love and friendship and your support of our small business in Camden including William’s live art, commissioned art, studio art, and design.