Recent Abstract MAGNIFY PEACE Paintings

Recent Abstract MAGNIFY PEACE Paintings

Magnify Peace is a series of 11 paintings which depict bold and colorful expressions of light and peace experienced in creation. Vibrant color fields, rich textures, and prominent strokes abound throughout each painting.

William’s Artist Statement:

I created this series during the first three months of 2022 (spending long days and evenings in my studio in Camden). In the midst of the chaos throughout our world and the suffering of multitudes of people locally and around the globe, I intentionally chose to surrender anxiety and fear and instead focus, with God’s help, on peace, hope, and the beauty of our world.

In this daily process of creating these paintings, where I applied thick paint over and over, layer by layer, and color by color from one edge of the canvas to the other, I experienced deep peace, a tranquility away from the noise, which is beyond my ability to attain on my own. With each stroke, I was renewed with fresh hope, joy, and peace.

As you gaze at the vibrant layers of each painting, my hope is you are strengthened and peace and joy is magnified in your life. Inspiration for this artwork is Phil. 4:6-7.

To view the entire series of William’s original paintings:

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