Recent Triumph Paintings Available for Purchase

Recent Triumph Paintings Available for Purchase

Throughout much of 2022, William has been creating a powerful new series of artwork entitled Triumph. These large and powerful paintings are composed of multiple layers of texture and color which reveal figurative (Lion) imagery as well as most of the paintings contain typographic compositions.

William’s Triumph paintings are available for purchase at:

William created these large and iconic lion paintings using a variety of painting techniques multiplied over many layers of abstract color, typography, and figurative imagery. These Triumph paintings are designed to be viewed at various distances, thus revealing the engaging visual aspects and optical compositions of each painting to the viewer. When one is close to these paintings, they appear to be abstract in nature. However, when viewing these artworks from a greater distance, the paintings become more defined and reveal the figurative image of a lion as well as typographic designs.

Additional Original Paintings Available for Purchase:

Please know some of William’s Magnify Peace, Wellspring, Soul Garden, Revelation Love, and Ascension original paintings are still available for purchase. Our hope is all who view these paintings are encouraged and inspired.