Soul Garden – William’s New Series

Soul Garden – William’s New Series

Abstract Impressionist Paintings Visions of Peace and Restoration   

Since March, William has been creating a powerful new series of paintings. We are excited to reveal this art to you now, and we hope it is a blessing to you.  Soul Garden is a series of 16 abstract impressionist paintings created during the most challenging time for me (and for my wife and for our sons). The hardship and suffering experienced by so many during the past many months are real and have been difficult for us and for so many in our city, nation, and especially our world.  

To create this series of paintings, I needed to free myself from sadness, distraction, and despair. As my soul longs for peace, healing, and reconciliation, I contended for this peace and restoration as I worked to create this artwork. I dug deep into my soul to rise above the challenges of the day to work to complete this purposeful series of art. 

Soul Garden depicts the fragile yet resilient human condition, an ever-changing landscape. Even when it is the dark of winter and even when the storms arise, there is the hope of knowing spring is near and the barren land will be transformed into beautiful vistas that nourish every season of the soul.

When I spend time in nature steeped in the stillness of creation, I am refreshed by the wellspring of the Creator. I am reminded of important words: to be still and know God is in control. God brings beautiful gardens of our soul to light.

Even in the difficult times, I have faith in the everlasting promise of what is to come. With eyes of hope, I strive to see beauty instead of ashes.
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