Wellspring, William’s New Series of Paintings

Wellspring, William’s New Series of Paintings

Wellspring – Visions of Light, Peace, and Hope

William recently completed a powerful new series of artwork entitled Wellspring. We are excited to share all of these paintings with you online, and they are available for purchase. Wellspring is a series of 14 paintings emerging out of William’s former series of artwork, Soul Garden. Brilliant colors and bold strokes flourish throughout the Wellspring series of paintings. Expressive textures abound revealing light, peace and restoration. The artwork is a colorful wellspring of hope, grace, and mercy.

Wellspring depicts the ever-changing landscapes of life. Even in the most barren seasons, wellsprings transform dry desolate places into beautiful vistas that nourish the soul. (Isa. 55:9-13)

In creation’s light, life, healing, and peace burst forth, destroying darkness.

To view the entire series of William’s original paintings – WELLSPRING