William’s Recent Art Installation – ResinTech, Inc. – Camden, NJ

William’s Recent Art Installation – ResinTech, Inc. – Camden, NJ

We are truly so very thankful and honored to have William’s paintings installed at the fabulous new global headquarters of ResinTech, Inc. at 1801 Federal Street in Camden. We are sincerely humbled to have partnered with the incredible leadership of Jeffrey & Laura Gottlieb and Lawrence & Kelly Gottlieb with William’s artwork for ResinTech.

We are sincerely grateful for the Gottlieb’s (and Smith’s) amazing and generous hearts choosing to build their tremendous new global headquarters for ResinTech (and also ActionPak) in Camden, NJ. Their superb leadership and their important company is bringing employment and lasting transformation to those in Camden and creating opportunity and restoration to all in our city. At this time, they are already employing more than 200 Camden residents and have completely transformed city blocks (which were blighted, abandoned buildings and lots) by building their new headquarters. We are thankful to the leadership and to all of the employees at ResinTech (and also ActionPak), and our hope is all who view William’s artwork are uplifted and inspired.   

The following paintings are installed at ResinTech, Inc.:  Revelation Love #3 (48” X 60” – acrylic on canvas), Ascension #3 (52” X 52” – acrylic on artist panel), and Ascension #6 (52” X 52” – acrylic on artist panel)   

The following painting is installed at ActionPak:  Revelation Love #7 (62” X 78” – acrylic on canvas)  

For more information on the important work of ResinTech, Inc., please view: https://resintech.com

Special thanks to Jeffrey & Laura Gottlieb, Lawrence & Kelly Gottlieb, and Gary.